sam-culture specialises in working with organisations to help them understand the difference that they make in culture, communities, place-making and the creative economy.

Our aim is to build business for culture and heritage by enabling organisations to prove the value and impact of their activities, socially, economically and culturally. We work with cultural businesses to provide a wide range of cost effective services, including:

  • Audience research and development planning
  • Cultural market assessment, supported by qualitative and quantitative research
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Socio-economic impact studies
  • Policy analysis to inform advocacy

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Current Projects

Sharing Sherlock and the role of Volunteers

Sharing Sherlock and the role of Volunteers

Conan Doyle Collection at Portsmouth City Museum

The imaginative Sharing Sherlock project, through its programme of touring and online exhibitions, outreach and education programme and new resources for schools and communities, opens up new possibilities for people to experience the breadth of the Collection and the far-reaching interests and reputation of Conan Doyle.

But could Sharing Sherlock happen without the support of the volunteers?

sam-culture are evaluating the impact of using volunteers, resulting outcomes and the experiences of volunteers working in heritage activities for the first time.  Sharing Sherlock took place across Portsmouth and the variety of locations used is reflected in our evaluation.



Coast Ed    Arts Council England for West Sussex Museums Partnership

An Arts Council England funded cultural learning project run by a consortium of six small West Sussex museums.

sam-culture are evaluating the difference Coast Ed is intended to make, considering how the partnership will ensure the programme is meeting its aims and collecting evidence to inform future developments.


National Army Museum:  Building for the Future

National Army Museum: Building for the Future

As National Army Museum’s Building for the Future project is underway it has a programme of access and outreach activities to expand audiences and to find new ways to interpret its collections and expertise.  sam-culture is working with the team to set up evaluation frameworks and mechanisms to collect and interpret evidence  to show the extent to which goals are being met and how insights can be used to adapt and improve engagement.